[Urgent] Failed Face Comparison Verification for PCSD Entrance Exam on 2023-03-16 at 20:00

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Original topic: 【急急急】参加20230316晚20:00的PCSD进入考试人脸对比验证失败

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Face recognition failed, unable to enter the exam! Re-verified identity and face, still unable to enter!

How to handle this, waiting online, urgent urgent urgent!

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Crazy selfie :sweat_smile:
How do you handle missing the entry time?

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You can re-enter the exam room, the deadline is 20:40.

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Haha, crazy selfies, always getting feedback that it can’t pass.

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Thank you for handling it.

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Pulling this off right before the exam was a bit thrilling, but fortunately, it went smoothly in the end.

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When I took the PCTA exam, I also encountered this problem. Later, I repeatedly adjusted the lighting and retook the photo, and it eventually worked.

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How did you get the exam papers?

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We participated in an online exam, and the official exams are held quarterly. There are no practice exams available for you to drill with; you can only watch videos and read documents, then practice and summarize on your own.

You can check out my experience for exam-related information. I have completed all the certifications: 专栏 - 【v6 认证】PCTA/PCTP/PCSD 我的备考经验 | TiDB 社区

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