Usage of Traffic Visualization in the Dashboard

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Original topic: Dashboard中的流量可视化使用

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I’ve been using TiDB for a while now, and the TiDB Dashboard features I use most frequently are slow queries and traffic visualization. The traffic visualization feature has been extremely useful for identifying many issues in the production environment. However, I’ve never paid attention to what is on the right Y-axis. I’m posting this to humbly ask for clarification, as shown in the image.

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It looks like the image got stretched… haha

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The extra column on the right is a bar chart. You can see mine is more obvious.

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Understood, the X-axis of the bar chart represents time, and the Y-axis of the bar chart represents data objects (database, table/index, region).

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I just noticed the bar chart on the right, I hadn’t paid attention to it before.

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