Using LIMIT Query on a Single Table with TiFlash

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Original topic: 使用limit查询单表走了tiflash

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A limit 100 query on a large table at the AP node resulted in using TiFlash. The table has over 100GB of data, and the TiDB execution plan is not very accurate.

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Have the statistics been collected? Also, this TiDB node won’t specifically go directly to TiFlash, right? Check with SHOW config WHERE NAME LIKE ‘%isolation-read.engines%’;

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This could be the reason why the index is not being hit.

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There might be an issue with the statistics.

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Mark, it should be a statistics issue.

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I reanalyzed, the node configuration is as follows:

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Limit 100 should not use an index, right?

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I remember there are limitations on using LIMIT.

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Check the progress of the TiFlash replica.

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Check if the table has many columns and whether it is really necessary to use SELECT * to display all the columns.

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How about checking the execution plan?

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By default, there may be this issue.

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Will it use TiFlash if you try limit 1?

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Statistics are inaccurate.

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Yes, inaccurate statistics can also have a significant impact.