Using NFS Mount Method, tikv-server Process Continues to Occupy Mount Directory After Successful br Restore

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Original topic: 采用挂载NFS方式,br恢复成功后tikv-server进程持续占用挂载目录

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Hello everyone, this is my first time trying the BR tool for backup and recovery. I chose to store the backup on a mounted NAS disk. After a successful recovery, I used fuser -mv to check the shared directory and found that tikv-server seems to be continuously writing data to the shared NAS disk, making it impossible to unmount normally. Currently, I am using fuser -kmv to forcibly kill the tikv-server process. Is there a standard solution for this? It seems that there are no cases related to NFS backup storage in the official documentation. I am exploring this bit by bit and hope to get some answers from everyone. Thank you very much!


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