Using TiDB for Your Personal Time Management

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Original topic: 用tidb来做你个人的时间规划

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Previously, I wrote an analysis on personal finance.

Actually, our personal wealth is related to time.

A person works 8 hours, sleeps 8 hours. The time that truly belongs to you is only 8 hours. You still need to eat, drink, and take care of personal needs.

If your salary is 10,000

Your hourly wage is 10000/21/8=500/8=51.25, so your hourly wage is around 50 yuan.

If you work an hour at KFC, they pay you 21.5. It seems like there’s not much difference from working at a company. But behind the scenes, social security and medical insurance are also significant expenses.

Is there a way for individuals to earn more money? It’s to avoid industries that earn money based on time, such as delivery, waiters, and technical personnel. You also need to allocate your time reasonably to increase its value.

You find a better-paying job. For example, if you negotiate a salary of 50,000 a month, then your hourly wage increases fivefold.

If you become a streamer, you break away from the masses and enter the high-income group. Because your income can grow linearly. The more you sell, the better your income.

I’ve analyzed myself and most people around me. Many people give up learning after graduation. I asked my sister, who graduated from high school and works in finance, what asset returns are and how to make money through financial management. As a finance person, she said she didn’t know. She also complained about her low income. Her best friend took her to sell insurance, but apart from selling two policies to her parents, she didn’t sell much more. She later returned to finance. To put it bluntly, her salary was essentially paid by herself.

Many people keep earning money and losing jobs, wandering aimlessly like headless flies. They end up living a muddled life.

I’ve told many friends that continuous learning is the only way to change your life. I say this to almost everyone I meet. I found that people from different levels react differently to this statement.

A person working in algorithms at company A said this because her parents are senior executives at a Yunnan enterprise, and her family invested heavily in her education. She had a high starting point, studied accounting at the University of Pennsylvania, and returned to work at Transfar. After three years, she switched to company A. At that time, I was learning machine learning and deep learning. She handed me a stack of resumes and told me that in the field of algorithms and machine learning, ordinary people like me had no chance. I was deeply affected by her words. I felt life had no meaning and questioned why the world was so unfair.

In fact, society is just like that. HR and companies screen resumes. They don’t have time to waste on someone who didn’t graduate from a top-tier university. Your competition in life starts from the moment you are born.

Ordinary people’s lives are bound to be muddled at first, not understanding this principle. By the time they do, they are already 40 years old. When they want to change something, they have to take care of their parents and children, and they can only drive for ride-hailing services to make a living. If their income is even lower, they might deliver food.

When your life is filled with desires, you have even less time to change your life. But actually, using TiDB can change this situation. You can analyze the time you spend on frequently used apps on your phone every day. Reduce or delete the least necessary apps. The time you save can be used for other work or to learn and improve yourself.

By recording the usage time of various apps over a year, you can gradually see where your time goes. Save this time for learning, and it can significantly improve the quality of your life.

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Time is like water in a sponge :smiley:

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It’s also fine to delve into TiDB, as long as you stay at the forefront of TiDB technology.

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I agree with this. Not only have they stopped learning, but they have also given up thinking about problems.

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Keep learning, keep thinking.

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Continuous learning

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Those who continuously reflect and pursue continuous improvement in their work and life, even if each step is small and subtle, will ultimately become strong individuals in life if they persist.

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Is this okay?

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Continuous learning

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So inspiring

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Keep it up, young man!

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Continuous learning is the hard truth.

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Keep learning, keep thinking.

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There is always a higher mountain, and the sea of learning is boundless (¯▽¯):+1:. Try to be with excellent people [heart].

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It seems like the memory issue was posted in the wrong section. This isn’t a technical problem.

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Your article could replace TiDB with any other term and it would still work, unbelievable!
If chicken soup were effective, why would we need hospitals?

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Don’t worry, there’s still code. I’m still modifying it.

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Learning about databases can only be a continuous progression.

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