V8.1.0 Log Backup Failure

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Original topic: v8.1.0 日志备份失败

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[Test Environment for TiDB]
[TiDB Version] v8.1.0
[Reproduction Path] tiup br log start --task-name pitr --pd -s local:/backup
[Encountered Issue: Error: [pd] failed to get cluster id

(There is no problem with the full database backup, /backup is an NFS share)

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It should be written like this, right?
tiup br log start --task-name=pitr --pd “” --storage “local:///backup”

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–pd Is this address correct? It looks like the address in the command is wrong.

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192.168, right?

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Modify the command as follows:
tiup br log start --task-name=pitr --pd=“${PD_IP}:2379” --storage=‘local:///backup’

In addition, tiup br log status --task-name=pitr --pd=“${PD_IP}:2379” is used to query the task status.

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Check the address up.

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Amazing, you noticed that even though I didn’t pay attention.