Values of Dynamic Parameters in Different Runtime Environments

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Original topic: 不同运行环境下动态参数的值

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v7.1.0
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[Resource Configuration] Go to TiDB Dashboard - Cluster Info - Hosts and take a screenshot of this page
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The values of high-concurrency, normal-concurrency, and low-concurrency parameters are dynamic (changing with the number of CPU cores). If TiDB is deployed in a k8s environment, does the number of CPU cores here refer to the physical machine’s CPU cores or the CPU resources allocated to the pod?

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It seems that tidb-k8s has not obtained the CPU resources of a single pod, but rather the entire physical machine’s.

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Inside the pod container, the CPU and memory resources are those of the physical machine where the pod is located. It seems that the physical machine’s CPU is used for computation.

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K8 is generally suitable for stateless services and not suitable for databases; storage cannot be switched.

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After verification, all are physical machine resources and have nothing to do with the pod.

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