Various Issues with MinIO S3! Experts, Please Take a Look

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Original topic: minio s3各种锅!大佬们看过来.

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mc config host add myminio minioadmin minioadmin The issue occurred after executing this

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This doesn’t have much to do with TiDB, does it?

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It seems like the issue might be with your MinIO settings; the port displayed is not the S3 port.

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Has the service at started?

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The official TiDB S3 compatibility test uses MinIO. As long as you set up the MinIO environment properly, you don’t need to worry about its compatibility with TiDB.

The error you encountered clearly indicates that the MinIO setup failed. Could you please provide the detailed steps you took to deploy MinIO?

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Your two keys might be incorrect. I saw the issue in another one of your posts. Please share your MinIO creation statement. If you can log in to the MinIO console normally, try creating an account and logging in again. Besides, this issue has nothing to do with TiDB.