Warning During Lightning Import

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The lightning configuration is as follows:


[#] backend set to local mode
backend = “local”
duplicate-resolution = ‘record’

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[2022/11/20 03:23:37.850 +08:00] [WARN] [local.go:1445] [“[resolve-dupe] skipping resolution due to selected algorithm. this table will become inconsistent!”] [table=xxx.xxx_car_info] [algorithm=record]

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Is there duplicate data?

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There are duplicate data. The parameter you set is duplicate-resolution = ‘record’. It will log and write a WARN log.

Physical Import Mode sets whether to detect and resolve duplicate records (unique key conflicts).
Currently, three methods are supported:

  • record: Only adds duplicate records to the lightning_task_info.conflict_error_v1 table in the target TiDB. Note that this method requires the target TiKV version to be v5.2.0 or later. If the version is too low, the ‘none’ mode below will be enabled.
  • none: Does not detect duplicate records. This mode has the best performance among the three modes but may lead to data inconsistency in the target TiDB.
  • remove: Records all duplicate records, similar to the ‘record’ mode. However, it will delete all duplicate records to ensure data consistency in the target TiDB.
    duplicate-resolution = ‘none’
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