What are the drawbacks of using TiDB and how to avoid them?

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Original topic: tidb使用过程中有什么弊端,需要避坑的

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What are the drawbacks of using TiDB, and what pitfalls should be avoided?

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TiDB Best Practices

TiDB Frequently Asked Questions Summary

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Resources must be sufficient, and the TiKV disk must be SSD.

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What if it’s not an SSD? I’m planning to build a data center to store historical data using regular hard drives, with the lowest configuration, and synchronize yesterday’s data every day. Occasionally, I need to check historical data. Can it handle tens of terabytes of data with a 4-core, 12GB configuration?

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Just allocate enough resources, don’t think about closing the pit, you will always encounter it.

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Having experienced some pitfalls, the hardware must meet the standards. It is best to use SSDs (you need to test whether they meet the requirements, as some SSDs do not). Otherwise, after running for a long time, the cluster will experience significant delays.

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The hardware must at least meet the standard configuration.

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No need to know much, if you don’t step on it, it’s not a pit.

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The more you use domestic databases, the more you’ll realize how many pitfalls there are; you won’t miss any.

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Your question seems a bit difficult to answer, it feels like asking how to prevent yourself from getting sick :joy:
Anyway, for high performance, you definitely need SSD drives and 10 Gigabit network.

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Support domestic products

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This post’s topic is too broad; it feels more like a casual chat thread. Search more for issues encountered in the forum and read more articles in the columns, and you’ll find the answers.

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Just remembered one thing: the server room must have a UPS, a diesel generator, and comprehensive fire safety measures~
This comes from an unforgettable experience of a server room fire and unexpected server power outage :joy:

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The cluster configuration must meet the official hardware and network requirements. Additionally, before installation, optimize system parameters, ensure time synchronization across nodes, disable swap, etc. For details, refer to TiDB 环境与系统配置检查 | PingCAP 文档中心

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What’s there to research? Just keep jumping and climbing, accumulate experience, and you’ll become an expert. :rofl:

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There are still quite a few pitfalls with domestic databases.

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TiDB has very high disk configuration requirements. If the configuration is poor, you will encounter lag and OOM issues.

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Under the control of TiKV nodes, too many heartbeat statistics can easily cause network congestion.

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