What are the impacts of TiDB releasing two nodes instead of deploying three nodes?

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Original topic: tidb发布双节点,没有部署三个节点有什么影响呢

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[Reproduction Path] When deploying TiDB, due to the limited number of virtual machine servers, only two TiDB nodes were deployed. I would like to ask everyone, what impact does the number of odd and even nodes have on TiDB’s performance?
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For now, assuming you are talking about TiDB server, the number of odd or even nodes shouldn’t have any impact on performance. It’s just that the more TiDB server nodes there are, the more computing resources there are, and the better the performance. As far as I remember, the election-related operations for TiDB server are also done within PD, so it shouldn’t have any impact.

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It has no impact.

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It doesn’t have much impact. Having multiple TiDB instances just means more connections and more computing nodes, but the upper layer still requires load balancing.

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No impact, TiDB server is a stateless service, it does not involve data and leader election. More nodes mean stronger capability.

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TiDB nodes are stateless, as long as the service is not under pressure, it is completely feasible.

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No impact. Just eat and drink as usual. One server can handle it.

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Based on our production experience and lessons learned, it is best to deploy the 2 virtual machines on different physical machines.

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The more the better, 2 is better than 1. If one fails, your application will crash immediately. If you have two and one fails, you can still use it as usual.

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The number of nodes does not affect performance. For testing, a single node is sufficient. In a production environment, multiple nodes can be used to improve reliability.

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It doesn’t have much impact, you can deploy 3 nodes; in a production environment, you can use multiple nodes.

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