What are the steps to modify the downstream type of drainer?

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Original topic: 修改drainer 下游类型的步骤是怎么样的

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Testing
[TiDB Version] v6.5.8
When I previously deployed drainer, the downstream syncer.db-type was set to file. Now I want to change it to syncer.db-type=tidb. I tried modifying the cluster configuration file directly, but found that drainer won’t start.

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How do I change the downstream type now? Do I need to scale down and then scale up?

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Rebuild a synchronization link? Intuitively, the data formats stored in file and db are different, so errors are expected.

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Configuration file format: Ensure the configuration file format is correct and free of syntax errors.
Drainer logs: Check the Drainer log output to identify the reason for the startup failure.
Permissions and connection issues: Ensure Drainer has sufficient permissions to connect to the target TiDB cluster and that the network connection is smooth.
TiDB version compatibility: Ensure Drainer and the TiDB cluster versions are compatible.

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You can solve it by scaling down the drainer node and then scaling up a file type drainer.