What configuration does a TiDB cluster need to batch process 200 million records daily?

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Original topic: 每日2亿数据进行跑批,tidb集群需要什么配置?

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[Encountered Issue: We have a daily batch processing of 200 million data entries and have decided to use TiDB. We would like to consult with experts on cluster configuration recommendations.]
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A data volume of 200 million is not a problem. A single-node machine with an EPYC 7542 CPU, 4TB of memory, and 10 M2 SSDs. A second-hand Dell machine costs around 3000, and you can add memory and hard drives yourself. The total cost does not exceed 20,000.

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This is the most cost-effective DIY configuration. If the company has the budget, they can directly buy Dell’s pre-built machines.

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Preparing to purchase resources from Alibaba Cloud.

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The configuration does not need to be too high.

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No need, the data is not much.

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