What does pd_cluster_status{instance="",job="pd",type="store_tombstone_count"} represent?

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Original topic: pd_cluster_status{instance=“”,job=“pd”,type=“store_tombstone_count”}代表什么含义呢?

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  1. pd_cluster_status{instance="",job="pd",type="store_tombstone_count"} represents the number of stores in the PD cluster that are marked as tombstones for the instance at
  2. A non-zero store_tombstone_count indicates that there are stores in the PD cluster that have been marked as tombstones, meaning they are no longer active or have been removed.
  3. Yes, there is official documentation that explains this. You can refer to the TiDB documentation for detailed information on PD metrics and their meanings.
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After being taken offline, the store will become a tombstone.

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Does it mean the number of TiKV instances that have become tombstones in history?

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Yes, you can understand it that way.

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