What happens if you add "and" without "where" in an update statement?

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Original topic: updae 加了and没有where会怎么样

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The image you uploaded is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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The entire table will be updated, right?

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The entire table’s orkd_intoyear will be updated to 2023, use with caution.

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Full table update

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and indicates updating multiple fields without filtering data.
where indicates filtering data based on conditions; without where, all data will be updated.

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All data

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If it can’t be restored when executed online, I suggest you pack up and leave.

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Executing this way will end very badly.

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You can test it.

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Before testing, get the bucket ready, hahaha.

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Terrifying, a full table update (time to run away).

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Quick rollback.

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MySQL is fine, nothing will be updated.

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