What is Prometheus Node Vlog?

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There are many xxxx.vlog files in the tidb-data/prometheus-9090/docdb directory, each file is 1.1G. If all are deleted, they will increment from 00001; if partially deleted, they will increment based on the largest value. If deleted without restarting Prometheus, disk space is not freed. What generates these files and how to control their quantity?

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Looking at this, it should take effect after a restart. This part of the data should be monitoring data. Consider limiting the retention time of Prometheus, for example, only keeping one month, and it should decrease.

Reference: NgMonitoring 无法启动问题 - #2,来自 spc_monkey - TiDB 的问答社区

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Modify the Prometheus configuration file prometheus.yml, storage.tsdb.max-block-size parameter

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In the dashboard, click on Advanced Debugging → Continuous Profiling → Settings → Enable Feature to gray it out, and no more vlogs will be generated.

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