What is the appropriate size for tidb's raftstore.apply-pool-size setting?

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Original topic: tidb的raftstore.apply-pool-size设置多大合适?

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The current online environment has slow data insertion. What is the appropriate setting for raftstore.apply-pool-size?

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Have you confirmed that the slow data insertion is related to the apply-pool-size?

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The default value of 2 should be fine.

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I read an optimization article, and the situation is the same as in this article. The article mentions that increasing the value of this parameter can help.
Common Ways to Handle Slow Writes in TiDB Database (qq.com)
This is the link, so I’m not sure and wanted to ask?

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If the phenomenon is the same, you can modify it, but it is not recommended to make it too large, just between 1-5. You can use the following method:
SET config tikv raftstore.apply-pool-size=4;
After making the change, check if the issue is alleviated. If it is confirmed to be this issue, then modify the cluster configuration file through tiup cluster edit-config.

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You can try increasing it and see how it works in practice.

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TiKV defaults the raftstore.store-pool-size configuration to 2. If there is a bottleneck in Raftstore, you can appropriately increase this parameter value based on the actual situation, but it is not recommended to set it too high to avoid unnecessary thread switching overhead.

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