What is the purpose of the space_placeholder_file in a TiFlash instance?

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Original topic: tiflash实例中有space_placeholder_file这个文件是做什么用的?

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v7.1.4
[Encountered Problem: Problem Description and Impact] What is the purpose of the space_placeholder_file in the tiflash instance? I see that this file occupies nearly 300GB of space.

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I haven’t specifically looked into TiFlash, but there is such a file in TiKV, and its function is as follows:

If TiFlash also has it, its function should be similar.

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Tricky and unconventional techniques, afraid of the disk getting full, not easy to handle.

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Reserve space for the disk.

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I checked the path of tiflash, which is ./tidb-data/tiflash-9000/flash/space_placeholder_file. It’s similar to the approach used with SQL Server, creating a large data file to occupy disk space. If something goes wrong, there’s a backup plan~ :joy:

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Placeholder file, as can be seen from the file name.

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It should be used to reserve disk space for the TiFlash instance.