What is the query process after enabling static encryption in TiKV?

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Original topic: TiKV开启静态加密后的查询流程是怎样的?

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Will enabling static encryption have a significant impact on query performance? Especially in the case where both index files and data files in TiKV are encrypted, reading them into memory for decryption doesn’t seem very realistic.

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It will have a significant impact.

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In what scenarios is it necessary to encrypt both the index files and data files of TiKV?

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Enabling static encryption in TiDB can have a certain impact on query performance, especially when using indexes but both the index files and data files in TiKV are encrypted. Since the data needs to be decrypted before being read into memory, this may result in additional performance overhead.

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It’s just a question that arose when learning about one of KiTV’s static encryption features. If it only encrypts data files but not index files, does it meet the original data security expectations? If both data files and index files are encrypted, how is the use of indexes during queries implemented to minimize the overhead of decrypting the indexes? I mainly want to understand the specifics of this feature.

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What specific scenario is needed?

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To enhance the security of data at rest, using static encryption will definitely require consideration of the performance impact, right?

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What is the scenario?

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If both the index files and data files are encrypted, then each time these files are read, a decryption operation is required. This will indeed add some extra overhead because the data must be decrypted before it can be processed.

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The impact is significant…