What measures has TiDB taken to ensure data security?

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Original topic: TIDB 在数据安全做了哪些保障

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】V6.4.8
【Encountered Issues: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】 After deploying the TiDB cluster, although it can be used normally, there are concerns about data security risks, such as:
1. Whether Grafana monitoring will expose data from business tables
2. Whether there are risks with the OpenAPI interface [by default, I see no authentication function]

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Grafana supports executing database SQL queries. To avoid exposing business table data, it should be controlled from the database permissions.

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Grafana monitors the status information and data of the entire TiDB cluster, but does not include actual business data.

The OpenAPI interface can be fixed within a certain subnet and not exposed to the outside…

No one would put TiDB directly on the public network, right… :see_no_evil:

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What you mentioned is a problem; it should be placed in an intranet environment for better security.

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The protection here in OpenAPI is only TLS.
The other party cannot access it without the certificate you generated.
If the internal API requires authentication, it would be too heavy and severely affect the call efficiency.
If the other party has already infiltrated to the extent that they can obtain the generated certificate, I think whether or not to authenticate doesn’t really matter anymore.

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I didn’t see Prometheus and Grafana accounts in the TiDB system table, so business data won’t be exposed. I guess TiDB’s status information is transmitted to Prometheus through an API.

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I’m very curious about what your company uses OpenAPI for.

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The biggest concerns for data security should be account security, data encryption at rest, and secure communication between various components of the cluster. Security risks in monitoring are relatively minimal.

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The security design of TiDB is not very high; first, you need to ensure that it is used in a secure environment.

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Where did this come from? :thinking:

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  1. Grafana contains information about the entire cluster, at most region information, but no business table data, so there is no exposure risk.
  2. The OpenAPI interface does have potential risks, but if your TiDB is on an internal network, theoretically, access to your database can only be through the firewall. You can only open the 4000 port of the TiDB server, and do not open other ports for access by other IPs, only allowing internal cluster access. If the other party can log in to your internal cluster host, then OpenAPI is not needed…
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However, the data in TiDB’s Grafana is obtained from Prometheus. Prometheus also retrieves data from the OpenAPI and does not directly connect to the database…

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Grafana can be configured with multiple data sources, not necessarily Prometheus. If you configure a MySQL data source, you can display MySQL table data, right?

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Doesn’t that require an account and password first? Once you have the account and password, do you still need to configure the data source in Grafana? Can’t you just query directly? The Grafana that comes with TiDB is by default only configured with the Prometheus data source. Configuring other data sources requires a password…

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I see that the official documentation mentions OpenAPI interfaces related to monitoring, but I didn’t see any authentication, which raises security concerns.
For example: TiDB 集群监控 API | PingCAP 文档中心

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The permissions related to database accounts will definitely be consolidated properly (authorized IP, password, etc.), but I couldn’t find the login account information used in Grafana in the mysql.user table.

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I guess those using TiDB are all within an internal network, haha.

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The API of PD might have risks, but since it’s all within the internal network, worrying about this is probably useless…

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The Grafana account is managed by Grafana itself. After initialization, you can change it on the Grafana page.

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The login account on Grafana is not the database account password, but the Grafana account password, which is stored in Grafana’s SQLite3 database. It is not the same as the TiDB account password.