What methods do you use for preloading large amounts of data?

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Original topic: 请问各位都是用什么方式进行大量数据预埋的呢?

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To perform performance testing, you need to write a large amount of data into the database first. What methods do you all use? The more, the better!

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Both benchmark and sysbench come with data writing capabilities.

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You can refer to the official documentation:

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Database vendors generally provide testing tools.

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Indeed, the official documentation provides a testing plan:

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Of course, I know the official solution. :smile:

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Download the TPC-H dataset TPC-H Advanced Sort

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Both sysbench and tpcc benchmarking tools can generate data.

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Write it yourself
mysqlslap -uroot -pHangge_123 --concurrency=10 --number-of-queries=1000000 --create-schema=hangge --query="INSERT INTO people(name, age) VALUES (uuid(), RAND() * 100)"

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Navicat 16, right-click on the table to generate data, the speed is very fast.

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You can use the sysbench tool along with the official scripts. For a data volume of 200-300 million, it takes about 40-50 minutes to import. You can refer to the following link for benchmarking. I have practiced this during my previous benchmarking tests. https://juejin.cn/post/7264921418802462754

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