What to do if the disk on the server where TiKV or TiFlash is located is almost full?

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Original topic: 如果TiKV或TiFlash所在的服务器磁盘快要满的话,该怎么办?

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If the disks on the servers where TiKV or TiFlash are located are about to be full, what should I do? Will adding servers help, and will the data files automatically balance across each server?

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Expanding nodes will automatically schedule over.

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  1. In an emergency, clean up log files and placeholder files to free up some space.
  2. Expand capacity as soon as possible by adding more TiKV nodes.
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Quickly scale out TiKV or TiFlash nodes. After scaling out, the cluster will automatically migrate data to the new nodes and ensure all data is balanced.

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In addition to scaling out, temporarily shortening the GC time is also an emergency measure if it is set too long. If the GC time is set too long, even if you drop or truncate a table, it will not immediately release space. I have encountered this issue before…

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TiKV can add nodes, but adding nodes to TiFlash is useless; you can only increase disk space.