What type of instance should be selected for deploying TiDB on AWS?

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Original topic: 请问aws上部署tidb 主机选择那种景象?

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I am currently choosing Ubuntu. Is there a better option?
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Ubuntu 22.04 +1

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AWS collaborates with PingCAP to provide one-stop services through AWS’s data center in Ningxia (Western Cloud Data). You can directly choose the corresponding model of the host on the AWS Marketplace. Here is the specific price introduction page: Amazon Web Services Marketplace: TiDB (amazonaws.cn)

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Is there no CentOS on AWS?

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It depends on what you’re used to. Currently, the mainstream options are still CentOS and Ubuntu.

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Of course, AWS is Amazon Linux. Actually, neither is correct; you should directly choose TiDB Cloud.

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There are quite a few images in AWS, you can choose whichever you like.

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TiDB Cloud

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I visit the community a lot, but I usually look at the trusted ones first.

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