When a query arrives, how does TiDB determine whether to execute it using column storage or row storage?

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Original topic: 查询到来时,TiDB如何判断该查询交给列存执行还是交给行存

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If it is in intelligent selection mode, the optimizer will make a choice based on cost estimation.

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If the engine has both TiKV and TiFlash, the CBO (Cost-Based Optimizer) will decide based on cost whether the executor should use TiKV or TiFlash.

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Check whether the execution plan uses TiKV or TiFlash.

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Use the desc/explain SQL statement to see which engine is being used. Additionally, it seems that the Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) can sometimes be a bit lazy. The best approach is to set up two TiDB server nodes to meet different scenario requirements.