When encountering this situation during TiDB Lightning import and merge, is there duplicate data?

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Original topic: tidb light导入 合并的时候遇到这个情况是不是有重复数据

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7.6G 8fa24e7f-f3b3-56f9-b915-fc7af46a8607
0 8fa24e7f-f3b3-56f9-b915-fc7af46a8607.sst
3.6G duplicates
2.7G f91c78b5-f378-51c0-bb21-5390a0cc9567
0 f91c78b5-f378-51c0-bb21-5390a0cc9567.sst
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The prompt indicates that there is duplicate data.

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How do you set the duplicate-resolution parameter?

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How are the parameters set?

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Take a look at duplicate-resolution.

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This is probably caused by repeated operations on the same table or multiple tables.

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Is this the directory you are referring to, the sort-dir specified by lightning?

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Yes, it’s a clear indication.

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You can check the conflict_error_v1 table under the lightning_task_info database for confirmation.

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Which mode did you use to import with Lightning, logical mode or physical mode? Can you check what your conflict handling strategy is? Specifically, what is the value of strategy under [conflict]?

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Check the parameter configuration file.