When exporting with dumpling, it reports "bind: address already in use", but the export result is fine

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Original topic: dumpling导出时报bind: address already in use,导出结果又没有问题

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v6.5.1

May I ask what the following error message means? Is the port occupied? But it finally indicates that the export was successful, and the exported data was checked and is normal.

Error message:
[INFO] [dump.go:1327] [“meet error when stopping dumpling http service”] [error=“start listening: listen tcp :8281: bind: address already in use”]

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The parameter StatusAddr in dumpling is the dumpling API server and pprof address, defaulting to 8281. It seems that this port is occupied on the machine, check with netstat. It should not affect usage, only reporting and monitoring.

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Thank you, it should be that there were other processes doing export backups at that time.

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Since it involves synchronizing from MySQL to MySQL, why not use MySQL’s tools directly instead of TiDB’s tools?

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It should be caused by other backup processes that have not ended.

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Yes, there are other backup processes running as well.

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I did not synchronize from MySQL.

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