When importing data with tidb-lightning, analyze table failed, will skip this error and go on

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Original topic: tidb-lightning导入数据,analyze table failed, will skip this error and go on

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tidb-lightning data import

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  1. The data import process completed a few days ago, but the verification has been stuck at 3417/4297 79.5%. The verification log continues to update, but the progress hasn’t changed for three or four days.
  2. The analyze table operation is very slow and reports the above error. I increased the following parameters, but it seems that analyze table can only execute serially? This verification is too slow.
    index-concurrency = 4
    table-concurrency = 12
    build-stats-concurrency = 20
    distsql-scan-concurrency = 15
    index-serial-scan-concurrency = 20
    checksum-table-concurrency = 20

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I encountered an issue with automatic analyze on large tables in version 6.5.1, where it would fail. After disabling the automatic analyze and manually executing analyze table, it completed very quickly.

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If resources are idle, you can increase the concurrency a bit more.