When is the V8.0 certification exam expected to be released?

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Original topic: 预计什么时候,推出V8.0认证的考试?

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When is the V7 certification exam expected to be released? The latest version is already at 8, but the certification is still at version 6.

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The difference between the exam and the TiDB version is not very significant.

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The community said that there will be no specific version certification in the future, and subsequent versions will mainly focus on improving stability and performance.

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It is recommended to have an upgrade exam for the V6 certification.

| username: tidb菜鸟一只 | Original post link

Certification will no longer be version-specific in the future.

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Major versions are just optimizations with no significant changes, so subdividing certification versions is not very meaningful.

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No version differentiation

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To launch the 8.0 certification, do we need to have the 7.0 certification first?

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There’s no version 7 yet.

| username: 这里介绍不了我 | Original post link

Taking the V6 exam is also an option.

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Wait until the 8.0 course is released.

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Future exams will no longer differentiate between versions.

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It seems that certification no longer distinguishes between versions. :thinking:

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No distinction between versions, right?

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Not much difference, right?

| username: 鱼跃龙门 | Original post link

In future exams, different versions will no longer be distinguished, as the differences are minimal.

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Are there still upgrade exams for PCTP and PCSD?

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V6 is also enough to learn.

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Now exams are no longer divided into different versions.

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The core theory of this basically doesn’t change much, but new major versions generally come with some new features, which can lead to some differences in practice.