When operating TiDB with Presto, a large number of tables prefixed with tmp_presto_ are generated. What is the situation?

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Original topic: Presto操作TiDB时会产生大量的tmp_presto_开头的表,是什么情况。

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As mentioned, when accessing TiDB with Presto, you will see a large number of tables starting with tmp_presto when you run show tables;.

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Presto adopts a three-layer table structure:

  1. Catalog corresponds to a certain type of data source, such as Hive data or MySQL data.
  2. Schema corresponds to the database in MySQL.
  3. Table corresponds to the table in MySQL.

When accessing TiDB, it is estimated that temporary tables will be generated.

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Temporary table files

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Can these be cleaned up? Can’t it clean up automatically?

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Tables starting with tmp_presto are temporary tables created by Presto during query execution to store intermediate results. These tables are usually automatically deleted after the query ends, but sometimes they may remain in TiDB due to reasons such as:

  • An exception or error occurred during query execution.
  • Insufficient permissions to delete the temporary table or encountering network or storage issues, causing the operation to fail or timeout.

These tables do not affect normal queries but may occupy some space. They can be manually deleted.

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Temporary tables store intermediate result set data and should be automatically deleted once the session is completed.