When will BR support partitioned table backup by partition?

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Original topic: 请问什么时候br支持分区表按分区备份

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There is an archiving business. Using TiDB for archiving. Hope to use partitioned tables for partitioned backups. This makes data analysis more convenient.

Currently, it is one table per month. Then each month, it is backed up to S3.
So, create new table; rename current table to old table; rename new table to current table; backup old table.

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The data volume is relatively large, 10T to 20T per month. I hope it can support BR backup for partitioned tables. Creating monthly tables is not good for data analysis.

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Good question, keep following.

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Mark it, it is indeed a good feature request~

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BR does not support backup and recovery of partitions; the smallest granularity is table-level backup and recovery.

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Not supported, looking forward to the update.

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There are not many applications for this kind of scenario. It’s very niche.

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It is not supported.

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Just write a program to dump it according to the protocol that Lightning can recognize. When needed, you can use Lightning to restore it to a single table directly. That’s what we do.

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Not supported

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Not supported

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Currently, I have submitted an FRM internally, :thinking: and changed it to a product requirement.

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I feel it can also be done this way:
Backup; truncate table; put the backup on S3. Would this be more efficient for the database?

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Marking this for later, waiting for implementation.

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Can you elaborate?

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