When will the official V7 version course be released?

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Original topic: 官方什么时候能退出V7版本的课程?

| username: yytest

It is recommended that the official release a V7 version of the course, as the V6 version is already a bit outdated.

| username: tidb菜鸟一只 | Original post link

Good suggestion. Indeed, I haven’t had time to study V7, and there are no videos available to watch.

| username: 健康的腰间盘 | Original post link

I have the same question. I feel that V7 is more user-friendly, while V6 has quite a few bugs.

| username: TiDBer_QYr0vohO | Original post link

I feel it probably won’t be released in the short term.

| username: zhanggame1 | Original post link

Go straight to V8.

| username: zhang_2023 | Original post link

It was said that there will be no version differences in tutorials and exams in the future.

| username: 这里介绍不了我 | Original post link

Looking forward to it.

| username: 友利奈绪 | Original post link

Indeed, some adjustments have been made to certain key aspects.

| username: TIDB-Learner | Original post link

Although frequent updates indicate vitality, it makes one feel uneasy in a production environment. Learn to suppress the urge to upgrade.

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

I feel that a course can be developed specifically for the features of v7.