When will TiDB Performance Tuning [TiDB v6.x] be released?

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Original topic: TiDB 性能调优 [TiDB v6.x] 啥时候能发布呢

| username: wzf0072

Does anyone know when the TiDB performance tuning [TiDB v6.x] course will be released? I’ve finally accumulated enough experience.

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You can first study [DBA COURSE 3: TiDB Performance Tuning Case Study (304)] and then take a look at the v6 documentation…

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Looking at the outline, does the 307 course include the 304 course? Is that correct?

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At least wait for the release of v7.x, otherwise, you might need to re-record video content while releasing v6.x versions. :wink: For example, the new version might include some incredible performance optimizations.

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