When will TiDB-serverless be updated to version 7.5?

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Original topic: TiDB-serverless 何时更新到7.5版本

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Are the features of TiDB-serverless and the regular version the same if they have the same version number?
When will TiDB-serverless be compatible with MySQL 8 (TiDB ≥7.4)?

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Waiting for the answer.

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Thank you for your attention to TiDB Serverless. The version upgrade of TiDB Serverless is controlled uniformly by the platform. After the release of the LTS version, there will be a slight wait for a few bugfix versions before starting the upgrade. The version currently in grayscale verification is the 7.1 LTS series, which will gradually be released globally in the near future. The release of 7.5 LTS should be upgraded in a cycle of nearly half a year after the full release of 7.1 LTS.

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