When you spam posts to earn points for exam vouchers, only to have the points revoked

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Original topic: 当你们水贴刷积分赚考试券,然后被撤销积分

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Do you still want to use TiDB?

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:sweat_smile: You still have to use it when needed, but to be honest, the PCTP course plus the exam requires around 4000 points to redeem.

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Writing more articles and replying more often can earn you points, no need to spam.

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Imagine if you could get a certificate for free, wouldn’t that be motivating?

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Don’t think about farming points, go answer questions. If you don’t know the answer, look for it elsewhere, check out the answers from experts, you’ll gain knowledge and also earn points.

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Still can’t be too superficial.

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Spam posts may prevent others’ help requests from being seen in a timely manner, affecting their ability to resolve issues.

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:thinking: If you need to get certified, you will watch videos to learn and practice, which will allow you to participate in topic discussions. If you can communicate normally, why post meaningless content?

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Please provide a reply that is as informative and valuable as possible. There is a risk of account suspension if this happens again!

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Spam posts affect sorting and can lead to issues not being resolved in a timely manner.

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Spam posts are definitely not good. The purpose is not to get certified, but to learn something. Purely spamming posts, aside from the so-called points, has no real significance for you or anyone else and instead causes a lot of unnecessary interference. The broken windows theory tells us that if this behavior starts, many will imitate it, greatly disrupting the community atmosphere. Gradually, most posts might become spam, and meaningful responses will be rare.
However, I remember that Biaomei mentioned there would be a free exam plan in the first half of this year @Billmay Biaomei, which should alleviate your situation. The post is here:

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Don’t farm points, answer questions seriously. Writing articles will earn you a lot of points. If everyone farms points, what’s the purpose of the community? The community should make it easier for everyone to solve problems encountered at work.

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+1, you can refer to 个人资料 - 数据源的TiDB学习之路 | TiDB 社区 for guidance. Share your learning experiences, and you can earn at least 100 points for each article you post.

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Expected to go live on April 1st.

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In some cases, I think replying with “Very good, I’ve learned something” is better than giving a serious but incorrect answer.

Of course, I’m not trying to farm points; I’m just expressing my opinion. Sometimes, when answering questions, I see people giving serious answers that are off-topic. For example, if the original poster is asking about k8s deployment issues, some people might seriously respond with tiup commands, which can be very confusing if the original poster doesn’t understand.

The points system could be adjusted appropriately. If the rules against spamming are too strict, it might lead to people seriously spouting nonsense just to earn points, which actually reduces the efficiency of problem-solving.

For example, if the forum is very active, you could limit the points earned from replies to 30 points per day per person. This way, everyone can speak freely, and it shouldn’t be hard to give three serious answers a day. Beyond those three, people can say whatever they want. Even if someone wants to farm points, they can only do it three times a day, which isn’t a big impact.

Alternatively, you could let the original poster allocate the points for answers. For instance, if a post gets 10 replies, there should be 10*8 points available, and the original poster can distribute these points to the valuable answers. This is similar to the early Q&A system on CSDN, where the original poster would reward points individually rather than selecting a single best answer. This way, people who want to farm points won’t be motivated, and those who just want to say a few words can do so without any psychological burden.

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Is it true that the free exam plan will be launched on April 1st? :grin:
Looking forward to it.

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Is the one on April 1st free or discounted?

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Very good, learned something, mark, :+1: :+1: :+1:, all have been revoked :joy:

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:joy: I’ve made this mistake before, but at that time I thought k8s deployment was the same as regular deployment. After understanding it, I never made the mistake again.

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Kong Da took it personally :grinning: