Where can I find a comprehensive guide for using the Grafana platform with TiDB?

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Original topic: 哪里有tidb的grafanna平台比较完整的使用说明

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I feel that the information on Grafana is quite scattered. The official documentation on monitoring topics only provides fragmented explanations of the metrics. In reality, monitoring is like various medical examination devices and indicators used by doctors; it requires comprehensive utilization to accurately assess the system’s condition and formulate effective solutions. Is there currently a PDF of this kind available?

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It would be better to group related metrics together, from the data entering TiDB, to TiKV, to TiFlash, the entire flow might be more user-friendly.

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It still depends on personal habits.

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Most of the metrics are not understandable to the average person.

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Take a look at the 301 course, there is a section on monitoring, which is quite detailed and covers monitoring items related to troubleshooting.

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Are you referring to this?

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Agree, and many metrics are not explained.

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The official documentation provides an introduction to the metrics.

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Refer to the monitoring metrics section in the official documentation.

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This place is relatively basic.

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:joy: The village just got internet access. What does “斋” mean?

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Vegetarian—vegetarian dishes, dishes without meat, used metaphorically to mean “monotonous” or “bland”.

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Thank you for pointing the way, master.

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:thinking: That is indeed the case, especially since there are no Chinese explanations and no descriptions or units for each metric in each chart. However, it can serve as an outline.