Where Does My Deployment Plan Fall Short Compared to the Official Recommendation?

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Original topic: 我这种部署方案比官方推荐的差在哪里

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I have three machines with 12 cores and 48GB each. They always report a lost connection error.

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If it’s a non-production environment, there shouldn’t be any issues. One thing to note is that your TiKV and TiFlash appear to be deployed on the same disk, which might affect each other. You can post the specific details of the lost connection error to take a look.

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TiFlash is recommended to be deployed separately as it is very CPU-intensive. If the data volume is not large, one machine is enough. :upside_down_face:

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This belongs to a three-node hybrid deployment, and it’s a relatively resource-constrained one.

  1. Refer to the official hybrid deployment recommendations.
    三节点混合部署最佳实践 | PingCAP 文档中心
  2. It is recommended to remove the TiFlash node; do not consider OLAP business for a three-node hybrid deployment.
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Separate TiFlash and TiKV. If you use MPP with TiFlash, your memory will be full.

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If you don’t need TiFlash, then don’t deploy it.

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The official recommendation is not mixed deployment; all deployed components are on different machines.

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