Where is the data of information_schema.CLUSTER_HARDWARE collected?

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Original topic: information_schema.CLUSTER_HARDWARE的数据是在哪里收集的?

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【Encountered Issues: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】 Upon reviewing the code, it was found that telemetry collects cluster parameters, but it is unclear where this data is collected from, raising concerns about what data is being collected.
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I remember that each node reports on its own.

If you want to check, you have to look through the code of different instances.

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You can see the code in telemetry/data_cluster_hardware.go for specific collection details.

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You have all the code out, impressive :+1:
Do you usually download the code to your local machine to view it, or do you view it directly on GitHub?

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You can navigate locally and perform a global search.

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Download it locally and open it with Goland.

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I couldn’t find the code for this collection. Has anyone found it?

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