Where to View TiDB Database Operation Logs

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Original topic: tidb数据库操作日志上哪看

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Is there any way to view the delete, insert, and update statements that the database has executed?

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To see everything, you can only enable the general log, but it is quite resource-intensive and consumes storage space.
You can refer to the following link:

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To trust the logs, you must enable the general log, but the cost is high, especially in terms of I/O.

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There is also the system history table. I don’t know how long the logs in STATEMENTS_SUMMARY_HISTORY can be retained.

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This is indeed possible.

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Performance and functionality are a pair of adversaries.

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The simplest way to capture packets is to try one of the many MySQL packet capture tools available.

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You are looking for a database auditing feature. There are specialized database auditing vendors. They usually record and parse SQL traffic through traffic mirroring or agents, allowing you to check who initiated the query, IP, host, operation time, etc. Besides that, whether TiDB Binlog and TiCDC can parse change statements is something I haven’t researched yet, and we need other experts to respond.

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The general log is fine for debugging in a test environment, but it’s not very practical in a production environment. You might consider using a database auditing device with bypass mirroring, which has minimal impact on operations, although they are generally quite expensive.

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It is possible to view the system table INFORMATION_SCHEMA.STATEMENTS_SUMMARY.

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It is not recommended to enable it, as it wastes IO.

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Either enable binlog or enable general log.

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