Which TiDB monitoring metric shows active sessions for each node?

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Original topic: tidb哪个监控指标看每个节点的活动会话

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Monitoring metrics to view active sessions
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Functionality similar to this statement: select count(*) from information_schema.processlist where command<>‘Sleep’;

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The later versions of the dashboard have it.

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In the performance_overview of Grafana, there is a Connection Count, which includes statistics on the number of active sessions. This feature is only available in higher versions; version 4 does not have it.

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Alright, there are no plans to upgrade at the moment.

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The connection count and processlist are very different. What does this connection count refer to?

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In lower versions, you can only check through the command you mentioned.

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Without monitoring, just consider using netstat to check directly; first check which ports the process has, then check which connections are established with the ports, and finally write a bash script :sweat_smile:

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It is recommended to upgrade to a version with a graphical interface for monitoring as soon as possible.