Which version of TiDB is everyone using?

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Original topic: 大家都在使用哪个版本的TiDB?

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Which version of TiDB is everyone using? Let’s share!

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In our production environment, we use versions 5.3.1 and 6.1.6, and in the testing environment, we use version 7.1.

These are all stable versions with long-term maintenance and can be given special attention.

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When going live, use whichever is the latest stable version: :joy:

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Currently still in the development stage, using the latest version.

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V6.5, V7.1

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Production 5.4.3, Testing 6.6

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Try to choose the latest LTS version. I am using v7.1.1.

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Upgraded all the way from 5.1, 6.1, to 6.5.3.

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Envious of those who started using it from version 5.1. We began using it from version 2.0 and encountered many indescribable pitfalls. However, starting from version 3.0, there was a qualitative improvement in stability and performance. By versions 4.0 and 5.0, it became very rich and complete. We have grown together with TiDB and the community.

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Hahaha, our company actually started researching TiDB from version 3.0, but we didn’t use 3.0 for long before 4.0 came out, so we migrated to 4.0 and maintained it through Ansible scripts. Looking at the previous pile of maintenance documents, it’s really hard to describe…
But fortunately, by the time I joined, version 5.0 was already out, so we directly upgraded to 5.1 through migration. Subsequent upgrades have all been online, and upgrading TiDB versions is quite worry-free and reassuring.

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Officially 5.4.1 is deciding to migrate to 6.1

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v5.4, v6.1, v6.5

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V5.4, V6.5

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v6.5.1, not sure if there are any issues.

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Having experienced V3, V4, V6.1, and V6.5, I have to say that with each version upgrade, operations and maintenance have become increasingly convenient. Testing V6.5 so far, I haven’t encountered any issues.

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2.0 2.1 3.0 4.0 5.2, currently hesitating between V6 and V7 LTS.

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V4.0, V5.4, V6.5. TiDB is visibly becoming more and more mature.

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Testing with version 6.1.0, production is also around this version.

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Recently, we are testing v7.1.