[White Paper] TiDB Industry Case Studies 2022 🔥

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Original topic: 【白皮书】TiDB 行业案例集 2022 :fire:

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For more details, please click to download:

TiDB Industry Case Collection 2022.pdf (9.6 MB)

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If my cousin shares it, it must be premium~

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The scenario coverage is very comprehensive.

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These should be collections from previous years, not new cases added in 2022.

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There is an update~

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Just yesterday, someone asked me about the core applications using TiDB, so I sent this to them :grin:

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Cousin, cousin, summer resort boutique

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Downloading, will check it later…

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The material is good :+1:

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It’s actually much more than that :grinning:

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There are still many.

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There are still some banks that haven’t shared yet…