Why are there no routes in the complete configuration parameters of Lightning?

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Original topic: lightning完整配置参数中为什么没有routes了?

| username: 逍遥_猫

I remember that the configuration parameters used to include an explanation for routes. I just checked and found that from version 5.4 to version 7.5, the official documentation no longer includes this category of parameter configuration.

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Is it possible that you remembered incorrectly? This parameter should belong to DM.

| username: WalterWj | Original post link

Lightning has routes, but the feature is hidden. It can be used but is not recommended.

| username: 逍遥_猫 | Original post link

Could you please explain the reasons for not recommending it?

| username: WalterWj | Original post link

Because the parameters are hidden. The hiding feature is rarely used.

| username: redgame | Original post link

There are new replacements, right?

| username: WalterWj | Original post link

There might be, depending on market demand.

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Actually, you can use regular expressions to map filenames to database and table names here, but it’s not as flexible as DM.

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Refer to the official documentation for using regular expressions to replace: TiDB Lightning 数据源 | PingCAP 文档中心

Version 6.5 can also be used.