Why can't TiDB suddenly create or delete tables?

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Original topic: tidb突然不能创建和删除表是什么原因?

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Cannot create and delete tables.

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Is it an error or cannot be executed? Check if there are any stuck DDL jobs with admin show ddl jobs.

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It is possible that the thread is deadlocked. Execute the following SQL statement to see if you can retrieve any data, and then use the kill command to terminate the process and re-execute the create or delete statement:

SELECT * from information_schema.INNODB_TRX;
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How is the cluster status? Can you check with tiup cluster display <your tidb name>? Are there any errors in the tidb.log?

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Please provide the executed statements, error messages, logs indicating potential cluster anomalies, and monitoring graphs.

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How about taking a screenshot, or maybe your user doesn’t have the necessary permissions?

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Starting with one sentence, the rest is all guesswork.

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First, check admin show ddl jobs so that everyone can help you solve the issue.

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You need to post the error message so that everyone can make a judgment.

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According to this statement :sweat_smile:

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Please describe the phenomenon and the steps in detail. Is there an error during execution, does it get stuck, or does the modification fail after execution?

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Your question leaves a lot to the imagination!

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Are there any error messages when performing create and delete table operations? Based on what criteria is it determined that this operation cannot be performed?

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Please post the error log first.