2024 TiDB Community Session: Free PCTA Certification Experience

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Original topic: 2024 TiDB 社区专场 PCTA免费考证心得

| username: TiDBer_vAnsIfC1

[Acquisition Channel] Obtained exam certification information through TiDB regional specialist.

[Points Acquisition] Since this free certification requires points for redemption, I diligently earned points according to the points guide, including: completing personal information, daily study check-ins, and participating in more online specialized courses.

[Study Process] Carefully understood the PCTA certification requirements and strategies, selected matching online courses such as “TiDB Quick Start,” “TiDB Database Core Principles and Architecture (101),” and “TiDB Advanced System Management [TiDB v5] (302)” as supplementary content.

[Certification Process] Studied the PCTA certification syllabus, organized class notes, and combined knowledge requirements. Gained exam experience by participating in the free certification exam for TiDB database practitioners offered by PingCAP. Reserved some time before the exam to focus on complex notes.

[Exam Experience] Try to enter the online exam room through the browser link. If entering through a WeChat link, for some reason, you cannot submit the exam early (you have to wait until the exam time is completely over for it to automatically submit). The PCTA exam questions were slightly more difficult than expected (the principles and processes were tested in more detail). To pass smoothly, one should not rely on luck and must prepare seriously.