8.0.0 tiup cluster start tidb-hbdzj --init Unable to Start Cluster

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Original topic: 8.0.0 tiup cluster start tidb-hbdzj --init 无法启动集群

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tiup cluster start tidb-hbdzj --init
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failed to start tidb: failed to start: tidb-4000.service, please check the instance’s log(/home/bigdata/tidb-deploy/tidb-4000/log) for more detail.: timed out waiting for port 4000 to be started after 2m0s
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Please provide the specific logs mentioned in the prompt.

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Check the tidb-server logs.

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Feeling like there aren’t enough resources? TiDB won’t start?

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First, check the deployment environment. Official documentation:
TiDB Environment and System Configuration Check | PingCAP Documentation Center TiDB 环境与系统配置检查 | PingCAP 文档中心

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display to check the cluster status

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Your machine configuration is probably too low to meet the official requirements. Based on the components you have installed, check the hardware configuration of each machine to see if it meets the minimum requirements.

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Without logs, it’s difficult to analyze. :face_with_monocle:

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Please send the logs.

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The same issue, it shouldn’t be the configuration. Carefully check the Protobuf file, and make sure there are no hidden Windows newline characters.

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Please share the log from /home/bigdata/tidb-deploy/tidb-4000/log.

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It is estimated that there is not enough memory, causing some components to fail to start.

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Need to check the logs.

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Timed out waiting for port 4000

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Most likely, the memory is insufficient.

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According to the official document, PingCAP Documentation Center TiDB 环境与系统配置检查 | PingCAP 文档中心, please check it yourself.

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Is there any relevant error information in the logs?

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When there is an issue with a node failing to start during cluster deployment, it is usually due to incorrect configuration items or content. Go to the path /home/bigdata/tidb-deploy/tidb-4000/log on the machine, check the ERROR log to identify the relevant cause, and then make targeted adjustments.