A virtual machine node was deleted for some reason, and now it cannot be removed using the scale-down method

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Original topic: 一个节点的虚拟机因为某些原因被删掉了,现在无法用缩容的方式把这个永久消失的节点删掉。

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Testing
[TiDB Version] v7.1.0
[Reproduction Path] Normally deployed on three virtual machines. One of the virtual machines (1kv 1pd) was physically deleted by a colleague.
[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact]
I want to remove this node by scaling down, but it keeps prompting that the server cannot be found. Shutting down and restarting also prompt that the server cannot be found. Now I just want to ask, under normal circumstances, how should such permanently disappeared nodes be handled?
[Resource Configuration]
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No pictures, no configuration details provided.

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The configurations are all very standard. They were all successfully deployed. The main issue is that one of the virtual machines was deleted and cannot be restored.

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I think you might need to try forced scale-in:
tiup cluster scale-in -N --force

However, if you are using 3 replicas by default, forced scale-in might still be pending offline. It is best to first scale out to restore 3 nodes, and then force scale-in the physically deleted node.

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tiup cluster scale-in -N --force is a feasible method; force will ignore all error messages, including the inability to link to the corresponding node.

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To delete, you need to add a node first and then delete the incorrect node. The number of nodes must be >3 to delete.

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