Abnormal Empty Region

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Original topic: 异常空region

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v4.0.10
[Reproduction Path] Operations that led to the issue

  1. Performed unsafe downscale operations on 2 TiKV nodes
  2. After deleting the region cache, the issue persisted

[Encountered Issue: Symptoms and Impact]
Cluster write operations are slow, DM to TiDB write operations are abnormal, with error message Error 9005: Region is unavailable. There are 10 regions without a leader, as shown in the image

Other monitoring

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  1. First, check the status of the region to see if it meets the replica configuration requirements.
  2. Check if the number of surviving region leaders is correct…
  3. For released regions, enhance the release scheduling (accelerate region removal).
  4. If there are abnormal regions, consider using tikv-cli commands to handle them… (provided that the region metadata in PD is normal).
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It is estimated that these 10 regions need to perform unsafe recovery. First, check if all replicas of these 10 regions have 2 replicas in the TiKV you took offline. If so, use unsafe recovery to restore them. Data loss may occur.

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Isn’t the region metadata in PD reported by the regions on the TiKV nodes?

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After performing the unsafe offline operation on 2 TiKV nodes, the regions became inconsistent.

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Yes, the cluster will recover after fixing several abnormal regions.

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The v4 version is too old and will reach EOL on 2024-04-02. It is recommended to schedule an upgrade.

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If there is a region without a leader, recreate it.

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Recommend upgrading

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