After deleting a key using the txn method in the TIKV client.go client, can it still be found in the scan prefix?

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Original topic: 使用TIKV client.go客户端 txn方法删除key后,在scan prefix还能查到?

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The client.go client of TIKV calls the Delete method to delete a key (“$uat-zmc-xxxxxx”)

func (txn *KVTxn) Delete(k []byte) error {

Then, using the scan method to query data with the prefix “$”, the just-deleted key can still be found.

func scanKeys(prefix []byte, tx *tikv.KVTxn) [][]byte {
	it, err := tx.Iter(prefix, nextKey(prefix))
	if err != nil {
	defer it.Close()
	var ret [][]byte
	for it.Valid() {
		ret = append(ret, it.Key())
		if err = it.Next(); err != nil {
	return ret

The transaction has already been committed during the delete:

if !tx.IsReadOnly() {
		err = tx.Commit(context.Background())

May I ask why this is happening? Is it only deleting the latest version in MVCC?
How can I completely delete this key?

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Delete is just adding a record; complete deletion has to wait until after compaction.

You might ask, when does compaction get triggered? Check out this document:

If you are using TiKV version 5.4 or later, manual compaction is supported. If it’s a test environment, you can give it a try:

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Thank you~

I have a question. Theoretically, appending data shouldn’t affect scan and get queries, right? Not doing compaction just means not freeing up memory, which is understandable, but there should definitely be some kind of deletion marking, right?

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It seems that TiDB 4.0.x has fixed the issue of skipping data marked as Delete during Seek. I forgot which specific version fixed it.

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Currently using TiKV version 5.0.6~~
The client-go version is v2.0.1~~
Still a bit confused as to why it can still scan data that has already been (txn) deleted~

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Well, that means the standard TiDB handling method has been fixed, but it does not include RawAPI and TxnAPI :rofl:

Looks like we need to handle it ourselves…

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Okay, thx~~

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