After stopping a DM task and then starting it again, will the task restart from the full data synchronization?

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Original topic: DM stop-task后, 再start-task, 这个任务会重新从全量开始么?

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As per the topic:

If you stop a normally running task and then directly start the task again, will the task restart the data migration from scratch?

What I want to do:
I want to modify the task’s configuration file to add the tidb_skip_utf8_check configuration. Do I need to restart it?

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No, the downstream has a checkpoint stored in dm_meta;
It will only restart if the start-task is run with the --remove-meta parameter.

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Let me ask another question: Is the checkpoint saved by task name or by database? For example, if I change the task name, will the checkpoint be used?

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Task Name

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