After upgrading to version V6.1.5, the Maxwell format JSON records synchronized by TiCDC to Kafka are abnormal

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Original topic: 升级到V6.1.5版本后ticdc同步到kafka的maxwell格式josn记录异常

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After upgrading to version V6.1.5, the Maxwell format of ticdc synchronization to Kafka does not automatically split JSON records into multiple lines when updating multiple records. Normally, it should split into multiple records according to the number of lines.
For example, in the screenshot below, two records were updated, but the Maxwell format JSON record only has one line.

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Was it normal before the upgrade?

I suggest you submit an issue in the TiCDC GitHub repository, detailing your problem, including the TiCDC version, operating system version, TiCDC configuration file, log files, etc., so that the developers can better understand and resolve the issue. Meanwhile, you can also try upgrading to the latest version of TiCDC to see if the problem has already been fixed.

| username: wwb519 | Original post link

It was normal before the upgrade.

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How was this issue finally resolved?